Global Anti-Aging Bio-Repair Programme

With age, natural processes in the skin slow down, it begins to lose its volume, the production of collagen and elastin decreases and the force of gravity begins to work harder. The regeneration of new skin cells also slows down until the accumulation of dead ones becomes more intense, the density of the epidermis decreases and the amount of hyaluronic acid (hydration factor) is exhausted.

EXCELLENCE global anti-aging has been conceived to meet the most demanding needs of the mature skin. Its powerful formula is based on high concentrations of new ingredients, which work together and fight the skin’s aging process by means of diverse mechanisms. At a deeper level, this exclusive treatment acts by stimulating Telomerase production, delaying skin cell aging, by protecting chromosome telomeres and prolonging the number of cell divisions. It protects and repairs the DNA, improving cell function. Outside the cells, it reinforces the matrix, making the skin smooth, full, supple, moisturised and bright, qualities which are lost over time. On the epidermis, it helps maintain perfect moisturisation and the nourishment, bot so important for healthy, balanced skin.

Properties of EXCELLENCE programme:

  •  Prolongs the skin’s youthfulness, delaying cell senescence, by protecting chromosome telomeres, stimulating Telomerase production
  • Prolongs correct skin cell function
  •  Protects and repairs the cell’s DNA
  • Reinforces the skin’s extra-cellular matrix (collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid)
  •  Stimulates Collagen production and cell regeneration (fibroblasts)
  • Regulates skin moisturisation routes
  •  Provides those oligo-elements involved in the biological activation of skin renewal

This exquisite treatment offers 3D technology, since it works on both volume and on smoothing out wrinkles. The skins regains many of its younger qualities to a surprising degree, becoming once again firm, fuller, better moisturized and brighter.

Discover EXCELLENCE, treatments committed to skincare with Paraben-free formula. Just as with the EXECELLENCE range professional treatments, products for use at home are needed to obtain the same excellent results. With daily care, following the professional instructions, your skin will continue to be protected, and carry on looking bright, well-nourished and elastic

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