nutrition, hydration and comfort for your skin

Facial cleansing is a vital part of our daily beauty routine and something we cannot overlook if we wish to keep our skin in perfect shape.

Essentielle treatment is suitable for skin hygiene, hydration and nutrition. It effectively eliminates makeup and impurities without risk of reaction. Included in the products nutrients stimulate cell activity, and thus protect the skin against premature aging. The high concentration of moisturizing agents, especially hyaluronic acid, strengthens the natural hydrolipidic layer for tight and hydrated skin.

The concept of Essentielle treatment is based on three fundamental principles – skin cleansing, regeneration and breathing, thanks to the diligent search for active ingredients and the use of effective technologies.

Properties of Essentielle treatment:

  • Antioxidant, toning and stimulating action – thanks to the included green tea extract, carrot oil, sunflower oil and wheat germ oil
  • Improves cell respiration; allows skin to be actively protected from aging processes; accelerates the dynamics of cellular metabolism
  • Regenerative, decongestant and healing action
  • Hydrating action, the skin becomes soft, smooth and gentle.
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