Nowadays there is no right answer to the question “Useful of harmful is the sun” and how to protect ourselves from health damage. In the past, sun exposure has been one of the most common methods of treating different types of illness and improving overall health. One of the most important benefits we derive from UV rays is that they make it possible to form and synthesize the vitamin D needed by every organism. Thanks to it, calcium and phosphorus are absorbed into the human body. This makes it particularly important for muscles and bones.

The nervous system is also positively affected by the sun. It reduces the sensation of pain, stimulates the production of hormones responsible for mood and emotional state and fights depression. Solar baths are a very popular method of strengthening the immune system especially of children.

Despite the obvious benefits of the sun’s rays, we must be careful because over-exposure to sun can cause skin burns, premature aging, and cancers.

After prolonged sun exposure, pigmentation of the skin is often intensified. This does not necessarily mean that there is something worrying. However, it is good to observe the moles for changes that occur in them. Consultation is obligatory when one of the spots is asymmetrical, its borders are jagged or at the end are formed tentacles to the skin around. The color must be uniform and not changing. If a mole increases its diameter or rises, must necessarily be sought advice of a dermatologist.

Dermatoscopy is a method for more detailed examination of the surface layers of the skin and evaluation of the pigment formations on it – moles and other forms such as seborrheic veins, vascular lesions (haemangiomas), skin carcinomas. The purpose of this method is to distinguish between benign and malignant skin changes in detail and helps to diagnose and prevent skin cancer in a timely manner.

Such an examination is advisable in prophylactic consultation on skin cancer in adult patients, as well as those with multiple, atypical moles or the presence of a family member with malignant melanoma on the skin. The dermatoscopy is performed with a device called a dermatoscope, which allows the skin structures to be enlarged and their deeper observation than is possible when viewed with the naked eye. Using dermatoscopy, the specificity of the review increases, thus reducing the frequency of unnecessary moles removal. New and bigger opportunities are provided by digital dermatoscopy. Through it, the dermatologist can track the observed lesions in the dynamics, as well as avoid the subjectivity of dermatoscopic analysis by saving the image on an electronic device and storing it in the database. The digital dermatoscope is the most appropriate method of diagnosis, especially in patients with a greater number of pigment moles which should to be monitored every six months.

At Aesthetic Centre Magna Beauty dermatoscopy can be done by an experienced dermatologist. Take care of your health and beauty and make your appointment now!

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