Dermatological examination

The dermatological examination is performed by a specialist to inform about all your past and present skin complaints as well as your concomitant and familial illnesses. The skin and the visible mucous membranes are examined, as well as the skin appendages – hairs and nails. This allows the diagnosis of the disease or the creation of a hypothesis about its nature, on the basis of which additional supplementary studies can be carried out.
In the course of the diagnosis of the disease it is possible to recommend further studies – laboratory blood and urine tests, skin biopsy, microbiological study, etc. After discussing the possible causes of the disease, the doctor recommends a possible treatment regimen.
The results of the review and research are stored in a secure information system. The data is accumulated during the patient’s visits to a personal dermatological card, which is kept by the treating physician.
Consultations on procedures

Aesthetic medicine is one of the most dynamically developing sectors. At Magna Beauty Aesthetic Center, you can get expert advice, discuss with our specialists your expectations and requirements, and together choose the most suitable procedures, products and equipment for you.

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