The appearance of photo-rejuvenation was a great furor in anti-age therapy a few years ago. Since then, new benefits have emerged from the procedure, and it is practically suitable for everyone after the age of 30. IPL or so called Intense Pulsed Light is most often used for photo-rejuvenation. It covers a spectrum of rays (visible and infrared, from 560 to 1200 nm) to simultaneously attack various skin problems and imperfections. IPL photo-rejuvenation is a patented technology for non-invasive treatment of various signs of skin aging of the face, neckline, neck, body and extremities using intense pulsed light. The result is stimulation of collagen production, thanks to which the skin is smooth and the contours of the face and neck visibly tighten.

The effect of IPL is based on the principle of “selective photothermolysis”, in which the emanated from the device light is absorbed by specific structures, called chromophores. In this case these are hemoglobin and melanin. The absorbed light is transformed into heat and selective destruction of target structures occurs, such as pigment spots, delated capillaries, hairs. In addition, part of the rays that have reached the dermis stimulate fibroblasts to produce more new and healthy collagen. Thus, one procedure simultaneously affects several aesthetic problems.

The procedure performed at Magna Beauty allows a combined approach to eliminate age-related problems – simultaneously treats diffuse redness, telangiectasia, vascular formation, combined with photo-damages – pigmentation, red, brown spots from the sun. Extremely well respond bright and dark brown spots, the treatment of which has been very difficult previously.

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