For couperose and rosacea sensitive skin.

RED STOP CHANTARELLE is an exceptional year-round therapy, created especially for the skin with dilated capillary problems – Couperose, and for sensitive skin with Rosacea symptoms, prone to erythema and irritations – Sensitive Rosacea. These skin types are characterized by excessive reaction resulting in redness and irritation after the exposure to adverse external and internal factors, such as aggressive external conditions (temperature fluctuations, wind, sun), improper skin care, skin vascularisation, some drugs and genetic factors.

Spectacular effects of redness and inflammation symptoms reduction, moisturizing and soothing, skin rejuvenation and smoothing are provided by an innovative active base of preparations: acids – Lactobionic PHA; Gluconolacton PHA and Azelaic AzA; anti-oxidant flavonoids and vitamin С; moisturizing, anti-stress and soothing ingredients; numerous plant extracts.

The treatment reduces erythema, irritation symptoms and vascular changes; hydrates and soothes the skin. Seals and shrinks capillaries, improves micro-circulation and repairs epidermal barrier function.

For frequency of treatment is recommended 4 – 6 treatment sessions, once a week or or at the discretion of the therapist.

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