Removal of benign formations

Electrocoagulation is a method where a high temperature, causing coagulation or necrosis of the treated tissue, is reached by the concentration of electrical energy on a small area.

The technique is widely used to eliminate various formations: fibromas (especially in the neck and armpits), viral warts, closed comedones, milliums and bulk sebaceous glands, condylomas, solarkeratoses, keratoacanthoma, seborrheic verruca, basilomas and others. Electrocoagulation is performed by means of diathermal current with special equipment that uses an active electrode in the form of a sphere, needle or scalpel. The reached temperature is high enough to cause coagulation and killing of the treated skin formations that are currently being removed.

In most cases, manipulation causes mild to moderate burning and minor injury to the treated surface, which epithelizes in few days.

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