Mesotherapy with nano cocktail CHANTARELLE

Pure beauty with no preservatives.

Innovative cosmeceutical preservative-free product line for advanced REJUVENATION DERMO-AESTHETIC NANO-TREATMENTS targeted to specific skin problems and using NANO gold and silver with innovative active ingredients. The treatment is suitable for every skin type, even for most demanding sensitive, under eye, body and scalp skin. The products for micro-needling mesotherapy Chantarelle are free of mineral oils, parabens, paraffin wax, vaseline, carbomers, synthetic colourants, synthetic aromatic compounds, SLES, SLS.

The procedure is done by dermapen. It is an automatic pen-like device, ending with a specially designed tip with a different number of needles. The needles are made of medical steel and are firmly attached to the handpiece. During the procedure, the needles penetrate into the skin in a series of repeated punctures. As a result the penetration of active substances is improved and thus promoted their deep absorption into the skin. For micro-needling mesotherapy the needle is up to 0,5mm (in under-eye skin 0,2mm). Treatments can be performed all year round, but it is imperative to use a high-SPF finishing cream. For a ful effect of regeneration, we recommend 4-6 treatments, one treatment per week.

Blended peel with ACTIVE INGREDIENTS – moisturising, skin tone evening, anti-wrinkle, skin repair boosting treatment – for around-eye, face, body and scalp; contains AHA acids, urea, L-ascorbic acid, glycyzzhizic acid and hyaluronic acid.

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