Therapeutic Pedicure

Therapeutic Pedicure – includes callosity processing, eradication, fungal nail treatment, fingernail treatment and removal. Therapeutic pedicure is a service that is extremely important to people with certain features in the feet or nails and requires a little bit of special treatment and problem solving; as well as the pain relieve, associated with them. Every person may experience a foot problem that hinders and hampers normal daily life. This can happen because of the orthopedic features of the foot, weighting, wearing awkward shoes, trauma that alters the geometry of the bone system in the feet, work associated with prolonged standing, and a number of other reasons. Many people do not realize that certain problems associated with pain in the knees or the hips may result from the presence of a painful corn. The pain sensation leads to insidious torsion of certain part of the body when walking – leg, waist – to relieve the pain caused by the presence of callosity, close-fitting nail, hen thorns, or a faulty longitudinal or transversal arch of the foot. In this twist, a person unconsciously creates a healthy problem for which he is looking for a solution that is usually quite expensive – unnecessary exams and costly tests. Very often this problem can be solved by removing the pain with a sufficiently experienced specialist. At Aesthetic Center Magna Beuty, we could make a competent assessment, correct the problem, and if necessary, refer you to a higher-level specialist, a surgeon or an orthopedist. The center guarantees perfect hygiene of working tools, use of disinfectants, disposable consumables and thermal sterilization. The pedicure price includes a hydromassage bath, pruning and nail shaping, cleansing of dead skin and smoothing of the feet, massage and polishing. We use nail polishes OPI and Clarissa, Vinylux, CND, Gelish Footlogix®, as well as products of the German company GEHWOL

NEW: Brackets for deformed, ingrown and very painful nails – BGN 35 per bracket. The procedure of insertion is absolutely painless and immediately after the insertion of the bracket, the pain relieves or disappears due to the tension in the direction opposite to that of the claw in the finger. When using braces within 8-10 months, the nail becomes normal. To apply the bracket, the nail must not be treated with any lubricants for at least one week.

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