In the modern world both women and men could completely remove the unnecessary hair from their face or body with the unique Cutera laser. With world-renowned technology (1064nm NdYAG), approved and registered for permanent hair removal procedures for all skin types, including tanning patients, you decide the annoying problem.

 The procedure acts on the hair follicle. It is treated selectively without causing thermal damage to the surrounding tissue. Laser light is absorbed by melanin, which is the target (target chromophore) in the hair. Light turns into heat, which in turn damages the bulb, destroying permanently the structure of the hair.

Which areas can be treated?
What is the feeling during the procedure?
How many procedures are needed?

Are there any restrictions on your post-procedure activity?



MagnaBeauty is pleased to present innovative laser hair removal platform, a result of extensive experience in the field of medical laser technology. The Spanish diode laser Leaseir offers uncompromising performance without analogue on the market.

Leaseir diode laser is the fastest laser hair removal device – capable to reach up to 40 J/cm2 at 4 Hz, in 30 ms mode, covering to 14,8 cm2/s.

The 808 nm diode laser hair removal is the latest technology in this field. It was introduced in medicine seven to eight years ago and is the only representative of the “highest grade permanent hair removal”. The procedure is almost painless and has the longest duration of the effect (over 10-12 years). This is why diode laser epilation is called the “gold standard in laser hair removal”. The wavelinght of 808 nm allows the laser radiation to be absorbed mainly by the melanin in the hair follicle, but not in the skin. Therefore, the warmth of the skin is very low and the risk of redness and burns is minimal. Thus, with an identical sense of “picking”, the energy of the diode laser compared to others is much higher and this gives better results for fewer procedures. Diodes laser hair removal is very skin-friendly, as there is no hair burning and the risk of skin burns.

As a result of continuous innovation, research and development, the platform is one of the best in its field. Leaseir relies on a modern and hi-tech cooling system to provide a painless and effective procedure.

At MagnaBeauty, we are committed to provide our clients with high-quality procedures. For that reason our devices are tested in the toughest accredited international testing laboratories.


Advantages of diode laser hair removal:

  • The laser beams in the diode laser hair removal penetrate to depths of up to 8 mm, effectively destroying both the superficial and the deepest follicles. In this way, the diode laser takes the first place in its field, surpassing both the alexandrite, neodymium laser and ELOS (E-light).
  • Scientifically established average durability of the diode laser hair removal effect of 10-12 years.
  • There is almost no heating of the skin.
  • There is almost no pain.
  • Minimal risk of redness and burns of surrounding tissues.
  • During the procedure there is no burning of the hair, which does not lead to acute smell, warming of the surrounding tissues and the risk of burning and negative emotions.
  • There is no “blistering” of the hair follicle.

At MagnaBeauty, you will get expert advice on which type of laser epilation is most suitable for your skin.

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