The most efficient alternative against signs of aging

A professional intensive anti-wrinkle programme, conceived exclusively to prevent and reduce the size and depth of the wrinkle. ATACHE, through its philosophy of scientific cosmetics, has created the perfect way to tackle and reduce signs of aging skin thanks to its exclusive, highly efficient combinati

on of PURE RETINOL and CoQ10. This perfect combination increases the action of the retinol, stimulating the production of energy in skin cells, enhancing its normal function.

The cosmetic changes constantly, nevertheless sometimes appear active ingredients that stand the test of the time. Retinol is active ingredient with proven efficacy. It is a Vitamin A derivative, less active than retinoic acid and not so aggressive against the skin. Accelerates the rhythm of cellular renovation and inspire the appearance of new cells on the surface, fresher and younger ones.   Strengthen the natural synthesis of collagen and is suitable in photo-aged skins. Helps reducing the surface wrinkles of the skin and fine lines.

The program begins with cleansing and toning the skin with the most suitable according to the skin type ATACHE product, then peeling. Following are the steps of Vital Age Retinol Intensive ant wrinkle programme.

  1. Activation – mix the content of one strip Retinol with one strip CoQ10. It is used 0,2% liposomal CoQ10 – high concentration, that strengthen the action and the effects of RETINOL; and 0,3% pure retinol as molecular film – guarantees and improves penetration of pure Vitamin A by reducing notably the wrinkles in face, neck and neckline. An ATACHE wrinkle massage is done with gentle massage movements until full absorption of the products.
  2. Occlusion-Penetration – Innovative mask with hydrogel technology that combines active ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, marigold extracts and algae with hydrating and nourishing properties and prolonged action. Its occlusive effect promotes the penetration of retinol and coenzyme Q10. It leaves the skin perfectly clean and smooth, especially the eye contour area.
  3. Finalizing – done with Vital Age Retinol Strengthening Fluid, containing vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, sunscreen filters. Light emulsion, giving softness and shine to the skin, and even tan. Ideal for the final touch of the program.

To continue the treatment program initiated by the therapist, ATACHE has developed a range of home care products to improve and highlight the end result. This range offers intensive therapy that reduces and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and mimic lines on the face, neck and décolleté. The formulations based on the combination of retinol and CoQ10 have a Soft Focus effect, leveling complexion and cleansing skin imperfections, removing the tired look of the skin, giving a radiant look. The newest product is Vital Age Retinol Serum2 – an intensive anti-aging therapy in a biphasic formula. It has the ability to improve substantial skin functions by acting during the night restoration process. Contains high concentrations of the two most powerful anti-age ingredients: pure retinol and coenzyme Q10. This serum with liquid silk texture will hydrate the skin of the face, balancing the production of sebum. Stimulates cellular regeneration by reactivating cellular energy and preventing aging. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines, smoothing the skin texture, and low molecular weight improves the penetration of the active ingredients, thus stimulating elastin and collagen in the deepest layers of the skin.


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