Flaccidity is the loss of firmness in the skin and this happens for a number of reasons, among them and foremost is the passage of time, but there are other factors apart from aging and these may include stress, lifestyle and excessive exposure to the sun.

The main cause of flaccidity of the skin is the loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, substances which provide support, elasticity and firmness for the skin.

Laboratorios ATACHE presents a new professional concept in facial lifting treatment, LIFT THERAPY PROGRAM, which combats the loss of elasticity and firmness and restores the lost volume. The revolutionary formula combines hyaluronic acid, SYN-AKE® (tri-peptide which imitates the action of snake venom), SNAP-8® (an alternative to botulinum toxin) and soy isoflavonoids. The program works on the dermal structure, activates and reorganizes collagen and elastin in a natural way. Increases the hydration and density of the skin, and adds firmness, making it noticeably smoother and with a surprisingly definite facial contour.

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