In Aesthetic centre Magna Beauty, all types of vascular skin lesions are successfully treated through laser therapy:

Cherry Haemangioma (Haemangioma Senile) – these are brightly red to bluish-red semi-spherical vascular skin formations, consisting of numerous dilated capillaries. There are no exact reasons for their appearance. However, they are more frequently met in patients who are exposed at sun, pregnant women, adults, etc. They are located everywhere on body surface, the rib cage and the abdomen predominantly. Treatment is not necessary, but if wanted, they could be removed with laser therapy.



Spider Naevus (haemangioma stellatum) – this is comparatively frequently observed vascular formation, at the size of 1-3 mm in diameter. It consists of centrally entangled blood vessels, with the shape of a small red papule, out of which, radially, as star beams or spider legs, come out dilated capillaries within several millimeters. Treatment is not necessary but if needed for cosmetic reasons only laser therapy may be successfully applied.




Venous Lake relatively rare benign vascular formation, occurring at adult age. It is generally characterized as solitary, soft, compressible, dark blue to violaceous, 0.2- to 1-cm papule. Most commonly it is located on sun-exposed surfaces of the lip and the ear.




Teleangiectasia – these are permanently dilated capillaries, concentrated in skin areas which are exposed to intense sun influence. The most frequently affected zones are the face, neck, clavicle, etc. The dilated capillaries are either linear, or resembling a net, located from the one side or symmetrically. Mostly affected are fair people with thinner skin, frequently exposed to the influence of the weather. Teleangiectasia are typical for various skin diseases, such as rosacea, Lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, etc.

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