ATACHE, leader in the philosophy of Scientific Cosmetics, has created an effective professional programme specific for fighting cellulite.

The CELLU-ATTACK PROGRAM, with its exclusive combination of new generation actives, specifically favours fat removal, stimulates lymphatic drainage, and facilitates the removal of liquids.

CELLU-ATTACK PROGRAM joins the best ingredients: organic iodine, L-Carnitine, Hedera helix and Ruscus acuelatus extract, to obtain a potent reductive anti-cellulite action. Additionally, various plant extracts have been combined, providing a reaffirming and toning action.

CELLU-ATTACK PROGRAM is indicated for any type of cellulite, independently of the age of the client, due to the following actions:

  • Lipolytic action – reduces the cellulite characteristic fat depots
  • Anti-edematous action – removes liquids held in interstitial spaces of cellulite-affected areas
  • Stimulation of microcirculation – favors the removal of stored fat
  • Regulation of permeability and fragility of blood vessels
  • Reaffirming and toning


  • Reduce existent cellulite, maintain the results after a surgical cellulite-reduction, and prevent cellulite formation in people with a tendency to develop it. The CELLU-ATTACK PROGRAM can be done at any time of the year and should be performed in a continuous manner; it acts from the first session, with visible results at the end of the treatment.


  • As a preventive treatment, for people with a tendency to cellulite. Begin with the program when the professional or the client notices the first cellulite symptoms.
  • As a reduction treatment, to decrease cellulite volume in the affected areas and prevent further development.
  • As a maintenance treatment, after a surgical cellulite-reduction to maintain the results. The treatment should be authorized by the plastic surgeon.

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