Laser Genesis

 Laser Genesis is a multifunctional solution for maintaining the overall health of any skin type

When talking about laser skin rejuvenation with Laser Genesis, we cannot fail to mention the unique combination of selective heating of microvasculature and targeted chromophore, combined with gentle, pleasant dermal warming for skin texture improvement, treatment of enlarged pores, diffuse redness, wrinkles, acne scars and more. At the core of Laser Genesis is an NdYAG laser with 1064 nm wavelength, which renews the skin, giving a younger look. The innovative in Cutera lasers is the combination of high power with microsecond pulse and high frequency. The presence of these three laser features is indispensable for maximizing the therapeutic effect, while at the same time the cell has a time to relax.

The Laser Genesis procedure is an advanced method for achieving a perfect and fresh skin appearance. It achieves a complex treatment of all the consequences of age changes – diffuse redness (due to rosacea most often), enlarged pores, non-uniform structure, and fine wrinkles. The Laser Genesis procedure is also scientifically approved as a method for stimulating the synthesis of new collagen.

The gentle warming of the upper layer of the dermis stimulates the appearance of new collagen. The residual heat is absorbed by chromophores in small capillaries to reduce diffuse redness. Laser Genesis can be applied to any skin type, including tanning skin, throughout the whole calendar year – even during the summer, without the risk of pigmentation.
Excellent results are achieved in face, neck, and neckline treatments. Other parts of the body could be treated on the advice of the dermatologist. With 1064 Laser Genesis are also successfully treated: active acne, acne scars, postoperative scars, scarring burns and more.

Laser Genesis is a unique procedure for laser rejuvenation, leading to a significant reduction of diffuse redness, improving the structure and appearance of the skin. Patients are extremely pleased with the excellent results, enjoy the comfort during the procedure and highly appreciate the fact that they do not waste time in an additional recovery period.

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