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Dr. Mandjoukova, what advantages does the blood plasma procedure offer to other aesthetic procedures and what is the effect of it?
The different in this aesthetic procedure is that it uses a product derived from the body without any additives. The face and neck are treated with enriched, concentrated plasma with platelets, which determines the positive response of the body. Any complications such allergic reactions or other are impossible. Into the skin are injected platelets that are rich in epidermal growth factors. These growth factors lead to the production of fibroblasts, intracellular matter, neo-collagenase, and as a result the skin acquires a fresh and rejuvenated appearance.

What problems are recommended to be treated with plasma?
It is recommended for patients who have problems with capillaries and rosacea. The procedure strengthens the blood vessels and removes redness. It is mainly used in aesthetic medicine, but it is also used in the treatment of acne, in sports medicine, and recently in hair loss and in ophthalmology.

What is the frequency of performing the procedure and how long is the effecr?

It is recommended that the procedure be done once a month in three consecutive months. I have clients who undergo this procedure for a longer period of 6 to 12 months. There is no danger of overloading the body or side effects, so there are no limitations for procedures.

With what other treatments can be combined?
It can be combined with a variety of aesthetic procedures – chemical peels, laser procedures, plastic surgery and others.

Is the procedure painful?
The procedure is not painful as very fine needles are used. If the patient is more sensitive, we can use local anesthesia in the treatment areas.


Platelet-rich autologous plasma application (A-PRP®) is based on a technique that is both simple and safe using the regenerative and recovery properties of platelets. They have the ability to locally release growth factors, small molecules that act as a signal to initiate the process of skin regeneration. A small amount of blood is used to prepare Platelet-rich autologous plasma with RegenACR® KIT. A-PRP is ready for injection only after 10 minutes proceeding. Made from its own blood, it is a natural product where the risk of rejection or allergic reactions is minimized.

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