The world’s first all-in-one Picosecond + Nanosecond + 2 Wavelengths high-powered platform.

PICO + NANO Technology

The most advanced laser system for tattoo removal and skin revitalization

To remove the complete range of tattoos and benign pigmented lesions, you need the ideal blend of technologies – the correct wavelengths, the correct pulse durations and the correct energy levels. enlighten™ combines those features into one complete system – NOW with PICO 670.

NEW! Now you can offer an innovative, non-thermal way to treat pigment and revitalize the skin with PICO Genesis™.

Colorful Facts

The diverse range of colors and particle sizes found in tattoos makes their removal a formidable challenge. Ink particles come in countless formulations and sizes, and tattoos come in many different colors. In order to treat them effectively, multiple wavelengths must be-utilized to target specific colors at various depths and specific pulse durations to address the ink density and size. Thanks to the revolutionary technological advancements of the enlighten system, the de-inking process is fast, safe, and effective.

GO Where it Counts!

The enlighten laser system features up to 3 times greater energy with 1064 nm (600 mJ), up to 1.5 times greater energy with 532 nm (300 mJ)*, and (125mJ) at the 670 nm wavelength, the only true red picosecond wavelength. High power, three wavelengths, dual pulse duration, and the broadest range of spot-size selection and fluence gives you the most advanced platform optimized for speed, depth, power, and safety.

GO Deep!

enlighten features longer (2 nanoseconds) and shorter (750 nanoseconds) pulse durations in one system – the only laser system in its class to do so. This functionality enables efficient, effective tattoo removal based on ink density, and treatment of benign epidermal and dermal lesions with ttherapeutic fluence delivered at every spot-size.

GO Fast!

The enlighten laser system features are optimized to be efficient and nimble. It gives you the ability to instantly and independently adjust the 3 wavelength, spot-size, fluence, pulse duration and repetition rate. enlighten’s signature smart 12.1” touchscreen provides simple and easy navigation. Plus, its fast 2- minute start-up time as well as real-time parameter calibration enable quick patient treatments and more efficient throughput in the practice.

GO Beyond!

The enlighten laser system has the highest pulse energies in its class, allowing you to offer therapeutic energy delivery that spans entire range of spot sizes. You can precisely adjust fluence, wavelength, pulse duration, and spot size to maximize your patients’ treatment options.

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